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Porn Induced Delayed Ejaculation

This article discusses delayed ejaculation in psychosexual therapy and Porn induced delayed ejaculation. Male delayed ejaculation (DE) is where ejaculation is possible, but with delay of perhaps 25‐30 minutes or more. The causes of DE are often psychogenic, but there are some cases of organic diseases (diabetes and drug side effects, etc). that cause anejaculation. This is the pathological inability to ejaculate in males, with (orgasmic) or without (anorgasmic) orgasm. Ejaculation and orgasm...

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Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction – Does it Really Exist?

In recent years there’s been a lot written about porn induced erectile dysfunction. I’m often asked does this really exist? From a sex therapy perspective, when presented with a client’s erectile dysfunction, there’s a list of possible risk factors which can explain why there is an onset of erectile dysfunction. These risk factors are traditionally age dependant and or because of surgery problems and are: Prostate cancer and prostatectomy Cardiovascular disease Spinal cord injury...

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Porn Addiction Therapy and Genres of Porn

Within porn addiction therapy and sex addiction therapy in general, I sometimes get asked: do I need to know the types of porn, the genres of porn watched? I wish there was a simple answer to provide.  Because sometimes it’s essential to know and how it relates to a porn addiction fantasy etc. and at other times it’s just not relevant. It is why an appraisal is key and essential. What I do, is keep reading the stats from Pornhub, which they release each year and look out for articles, of which...

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Return to Face to Face Counselling

As of June 4th I have been working from my office, offering face to face as well as zoom and telephone counselling.  One key reason for this is the need to provide confidentiality with zoom from home. I can no longer assure that, as with returning family members, there are too many of us in rooms meaning it simply doesn’t work. I’ve gone through this decision with my supervisors, membership guidelines and assessment of my office. It’s been decided that it's now Ok for me to return to the...

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Sex Therapy, Psychosexual Therapy and the Sex Addiction Therapist

When I was training to be a psychosexual therapist or sex addiction therapist, as a cohort one of the things we began to learn was to share with ourselves the impact the training was having on us and on our relationship(s) and regarding sex and pleasure; to be open to listening, hearing and exploring. Those experientials, as any therapist may tell you, are a place of growth, resistance, discomfort, harmony relief, tears, joy. In fact, the whole caboodle. On the course we met each weekend and...

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Online Counselling

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and in line with Government advice I am contacting all clients who have face to face appointments with me to offer video conference, online counselling sessions via Zoom as an alternative. Moving to this method of therapy will allow us to continue/begin therapy over the coming weeks whilst protecting ourselves and other clients who use the premises. If finding a quiet and confidential place for an online session is difficult at our usual time, then...

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