Individual therapy and Relationship Therapy

There are many resources, readings, thoughts or articles that I come across, receive or hear i.e. listing to the radio. These I share on Facebook and Twitter. There are many links which I update with no particular order, intent or bias. They resound with me and I hope too that you may find some of them will help you.

Two good examples are

Self-help leaflets;

And this webpage. The resources seem endless from diary tips, mindfulness, breathing to downloadable mp3 recordings

Sex Addiction

The following are links and books that I hope you will find useful. Some are central to the beginnings of sex addiction therapy.

THE ROAD TO BRIGHTON BY PAULA HALL and there are more videos from Paula Hall ;


Goes into Porn addiction and much more.

The role of dopamine:

Risk and brain frontal cortex re

And this is the link to dopamine and porn/sex addiction showing how it becomes to be so predominant.


Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction by Paula Hall

Sex Addiction: The Partner’s Perspective by Paula Hall

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal by Barbara A. Steffens and, Marsha Means

Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men by Robert Weiss

Always Turned On Kindle Edition by Robert Weiss  (Author), Jennifer Schneider (Author)

Psychosexual Therapy

Here is a link for vaginismus which has resources

This is from the vulva pain society:

For prostate cancer and your sex life, Prostate Cancer UK have some great leaflets which you can directly order

For erectile dysfunction, NHS choices is a good reference site

Equally too for ejaculation concerns

For anorgasmia, there is more information here

There may be/can be, a desire to use toys in foreplay and sex. From Boots to Fortnum and Mason, there is now a wider choice to discover. However, I’ve highlighted this site (not because of any endorsement kick back – that goes against my code of ethics) but  because they attend the College Of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) events and there support goes beyond selling a product, to having a greater depth of understanding how their products can be integrated and work with Psychosexual therapy: a few of which I have listed here

For Premature ejaculation:

For vaginismus:

The silicone in these makes the trainers more malleable. Or there are Amielle trainers:

There are many links on twitter and the Facebook page I use to explore the minutia of what brings you to therapy. However, within psychosexual therapy the real resource is yourself or yourselves and the relationship and what is discovered in therapy. I often explain to individuals and partners that the sex life you wish for is to be discovered and to befound in a book. Your truths are here to be discovered.

Sex Addiction Diagnostic Tool

Impact of Discovery Information