How we begin

The first session involves creating together a counselling agreement.

This is to help address and anxieties about how therapy works, answers questions and remove doubts.

The first session involves me listening to what brings you to therapy, the presenting problem/issue and what you wish to achieve.




The Process

With Sex Addiction, I will use a sex addiction severity assessment tool (SASAT). Although framed as a questionnaire, it is to help guide through and discover what the underlying issues are and help me devise a recovery plan for you that is not a standardised template, but tailored to each individual’s feedback and to what your goals are

With Psychosexual, the first session is an assessment of what the underlying sexual dysfunction or dysfunctions are. Within assessment and the client counselling agreement, I provide further details on what psychosexual therapy entails, from the feedback from the initial assessment.

With Relationship counselling, the first session is an assessment to hear from both partners, what brings you to therapy, expectations and what both hope to achieve. The assessment also includes the counselling client agreement as above