For Partners of Sexual Addiction

There can be a unique cycle of reaction to your discovery.

I work with you to help you work through what can be specific triggers for you, whilst providing the support which is needed with your partners out of control sexually addicted behaviours.

Therapy can be begin with the acknowledgment of the impact this is having on you, your relationship, and life spent together.



Therapy for the partner of sexually addicted individual

Therapy, can involve working with partners of a person who has a sex addiction – as much has been written now about how to support the partner in their discovery of sex addiction (CLICK HERE TO VIEW IMPACT OF DISCOVERY).

The impact of discovery, whilst in no means an exhaustive list is to begin in understanding the impact on the partner. There will be many questions that would be and rightly feel the need to be answered. The work involved here is to help provide support and structure to recover. This way of working ensures the impact on you is not that of an affair. The impact of sex addiction goes deeper and far wider on memories and a relationship’s history. Going through your history and family structures may help as will working on genograms. The phrase, managing your own garden and not your partners will help to manage one’s own energies and what each in the relationship is responsible for. Though not easy the whole framework is not to label the partner as a co-addict. Co-addict was related from earlier understandings of sex addiction through applying an addiction template as with alcohol or drugs.

However, today this has thankfully being superseded by more research and a greater understanding towards the impact on the partner. On the resources page there a couple of books that may provide some helpful insights towards discovering cycles of reaction.