In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and in line with Government advice I am contacting all clients who have face to face appointments with me to offer video conference, online counselling sessions via Zoom as an alternative.

Moving to this method of therapy will allow us to continue/begin therapy over the coming weeks whilst protecting ourselves and other clients who use the premises. If finding a quiet and confidential place for an online session is difficult at our usual time, then please do let me know and I will work to find an alternative.

I understand that many aspects of life may be disrupted over the coming weeks due to the virus and you may be anxious about making the usual arranged commitment so I am temporarily waiving the 48-hour cancellation notice policy.

In regards to using ZOOM, I have been using this platform for over four years now. Specifically, as each individual link/invite to a meeting via the link which is encrypted and secure. Thus, confidential too. I have used zoom for therapy in Dubai, South Korea, Germany as well as here and beyond Sheffield and Yorkshire

It’s interactive and has the addition of chat and sharing documents and pictures etc which makes integrating many aspects of therapy as seamless as possible when not face to face in a room

I would also add that what it may highlight is what we miss from face to face contact and this may be a part of the process too

I use my own private office at home which is secure and away from others in order to protect anonymity and confidentially

Any questions please do drop me a line via the website link and I will be back as soon as I can

In the meantime, Here is a link on how to use ZOOM

Take care

Best wishes Ian

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